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Strictly limited to 10 per session.

At Wren Hall, Wroxall, on Friday 12th July at 6.30pm

2 special crafts to choose from, or to try both. In each, you will create a unique piece of art that is personal to you.

Kintsugi is the centuries old Japanese art of pottery repair. In this introduction, you will crack a ceramic plant pot and learn to prepare and repair the edges. We honour the life and age of the object by highlighting the damage in gold coloured resin.

Exploration of perfumery. This is punk perfumery.

We will use professional grade perfume molecules from the great perfume houses of Givenchy et al.

We will blend these with pure essential oil before combining into the diluted alcohol form that will go into our own atomiser fragrance bottle.

What you create will be your own personal eau de parfum 30ml

Invite friends to share these 2 arts.

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Wren Hall, Wroxall - kintsugi pottery repair & perfumery exploration

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