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Using a large glass terrarium jar with seven sets of materials, mosses, and decorations to plant a perfectly balanced environment for humidity living tropical plants.

You will have choices to make. Select 5 unusual plants to contrast and complement each other.

We will talk about the origin of terrariums, how they work, the value of the specialist materials, watering (or not watering!), and light.

With what you learn, you will have the confidence to experiment with other plant arrangements.

Reserve your place.

Invite friends, family or a date.

This workshop is at Hoole community centre on Thursday, 13th of June at 7pm

You will have all of the help, encouragement, and advice that you need from Graham.

Can be completed in approximately one hour to 80 minutes.

Places are limited, so book and reserve yours today.

You will take home something truly special.

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Terrarium tropical planting at Hoole Community Centre Chester June 13th 7pm

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