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At Brookthorpe Village Hall on Monday 1st July - 6.30 pm

Plant succulents into a handmade wooden box frame, which you will be able to hang onto your wall at home like a living painting. (£40)

Creating the lining for the box using horticultural materials.

Learning to plant into the specialist lining you have made so that the succulent plants have a place to root

You will be able to use what you learn to adapt containers and objects to create other plant arrangements for your home.


Most importantly, some guidance and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere will greet you.

Don't worry if you are unfamiliar with or lacking confidence with plants.

You will come away with a planted work of art and understand a new way of creating planted arrangements.

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Brookthorpe Village Hall, Gloucs -Succulent framed wall planting - Mon July 1st

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