String Of Hearts trailing semi-succulent.

Supplied 7cm standard plastic plant pot.

Water moderately only when it's dried out. Does well in partial and semi partial shade, but it cannot tolerate direct sun light.

Before watering check the root is properly dry, because it does not like water that much.

Do not allow the plant to stand in water

The String of Hearts is not very demanding. She thrives best in a place where she can receive plenty of indirect sunlight, but she is shade-tolerant. Lower light conditions will however result in paler leaves. If the usually dark leaves start fading, it’s time to move her to a sunnier spot.

The Ceropegia Woodii String of Hearts has a succulent-like nature, so you should water her sparingly. Be careful not to overwater her – if there’s one thing she doesn’t like, it’s wet feet! Too much water can cause her roots to rot out. A small splash of water per week is all this low-maintenance plant needs.
If you take good care of your baby Ceropegia Woodii, you will see that she grows quickly. The best way to make your Ceropegia Woodii baby grow into a healthy indoor plant is to make sure the plant is well rooted. To allow the String of Hearts to propagate quickly, it is best to let the vines rest on the potting soil. As the plant grows larger, she will let her strands fall down freely.




Strings of Hearts - Ceropegia Woodii 7cm pot diameter