• Perfect for  cut flowers.
  • planting guide included

If you fancy something new, and a little unusual or ‘off-beat’, then look no further. The ruffled petals of these beautiful brown Persian buttercups have neatly frilled edges, and the large, double blooms come in gorgeous shades of orange, gold, bronze, terracotta, coffee and chocolate. 


Ranunculus 'Picotee Café's stems are around 30cm high, so are ideal for planting in a  root pouch container on a patio, path, outside your door in a bright location. There are many forms of garden ranunculus, but these were originally bred for the cut-flower trade, meaning that the blooms are larger than normal.


Ranunculus 'Picotee Café' make a stunning show from June to August, but you can stagger planting for a longer season of colour. Each tuber yields multiple flowers. Having been raised for the cut flower market, of course these flowers last well in vases, for up to two weeks if the water is changed regularly. 

Ranunculus Picotee Café tubers (corms)