Patio Nectarine which will produce fruit in the first year after planting.

Suited to a spacious pot, or root pouch on the patio. Grown on very dwarf root stock which will produce mini patio fruit. Root wrapped fruit tree supplied, 100cm+. For local delivery or collection. Message me to enquire about delivery. 
Plant in half-shade 

Plant in full sun 

Attracts Birds 

Attracts Butterfly 

Suitable for containers 

Flowers April/May 

Trim lightly in late winter/early spring 

Planting & Growing Instructions 

They are suitable for planting in most types of fertile and well drained soil. Plant in a sunny location as they do not prosper too well in the shade. If possible prepare the ground some time in advance of planting. Open out holes and plant with enough space to accommodate the roots without cramping them. Provide a stake to help support the shrub in its early years, protecting it from strong winter winds. Mulch during cold/frost and water freely. 


Cultural Instructions 

New Pigmy fruit trees are grown on Dwarf root stock. A real patio novelty as they grow to no more than 1.8-2m tall and they will bear an abundance gorgeous fragrant spring blossom and delicious fruit. The fascinating slow development of the blossom throughout the summer cumulating in beautiful, mouth-watering fruit is highly rewarding. 

Patio Nectarine tree - dwarf variety