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6.30 -8.00 Thursday 6th June

At Lincoln's Botanist.

Plant your own terrarium. Either with bonsai Ficus Ginseng tree, mosses, and pebbles...

Or choice of other tropical plants instead of the bonsai tree.

You will learn about the terrarium environment, its origin in history, why it works so well for plants that love humidity, and also work with lots of horticultural materials to create a habitat that will last.


Your ficus ginseng tree (or choice of other plants)

7 sets of materials, mosses, hand-made recycled glass jars, and cork stoppers.


Most importantly, some guidance and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere will greet you.

Don't worry if you are unfamiliar with or lacking confidence with this way of planting. The plants will live happily in the jar without any problems. You will create the perfect environment for your treasure to thrive.


Places are limited, so book with a £10 deposit (pay the rest on the day if you choose to) and reserve yours today.

You will take home something truly special and enjoy a memorable event.

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Lincoln, The Botanist - Terrarium - Thursday 6th June 6.30

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