Spice things up in your summer garden, conservatory or windowsill with this exotic and unsual character!

Scadoxus multiflorus (Haemanthus multiflora),

also known as Blood Lily, forms a striking red pompon of frizzy looking spark-like flowers above a lush patch of architectural upright foliage.

If you’re into tropical plants or creating that trendy jungle vibe in your planting schemes, this is an absolute must!

The compact banana-like leaves of this African plant make a lovely feature in themselves, and the fiery ball of red flowers during the summer months bring that extra wow factor.

This exotic plant is ideal for growing indoors or in a conservatory, but can also be planted outside within a sheltered, partially shady pot or border for the summer.

If planting outside, try combining Scadoxus multiflorus with other leafy plants like cannas or dahlias to make your own little tropical hideaway!

Root pouches are perfect for growing bulbs as they naturally offer drainage, being a porous geo-textile, made from recycled plastic bottles. 

    Fireball Lily Scadoxus Multiflorus bulb