Grown for centuries in Bolivia (Central South America), the Bolivian Rainbow chile is a stunningly beautiful plant. The peppers start out a brilliant purple and turn yellow to orange to red, with all stages of the pepper present on the plant at once, making it a bright and colorful addition to your garden or your home.

Developed to be the best way to grow chilli on a windowsill to keep indoors, or to put outside in Spring.  Plant February with this easy to follow kit



  • a Root Pouch, made from recycled plastic bottles!
  • 5 Chilli Bolivian Rainbow seeds
  • a bag of soil conditioner made from Orchid bark, horticultural charcoal, perlite, vermiculite, coco coir and worm casts. (add this to your compost to make perfect soil.
  • Growing guide instructions

Chilli Bolivian Rainbow Growing gift kit