Nectarine tree and early fruiting blueberry in pots for your yard/path/patio

This year i'm determined to grow fruit in my garden. I don't want to commit to planting any more trees in the garden itself but i'd like some fruit , vegetables and herbs close to door, close to the kitchen. Fortunately there is a dwarf variety of nectarine that produces lots of fruit and can be kept in a pot or large root pouch in a sunny spot. Patio Nectarine will produce fruit in the first year after planting. Grown on specialist dwarf root stock which will produce mini patio fruit.

Root wrapped nectarine tree supplied, 100cm+. Plant in half-shade or full sun

Attracts Birds and Butterflies

Flowers April/May I have ordered 10 of these Nectarine trees. They will fruit this summer so you don't have to wait like you do with many fruit trees. You can order > here < for free local delivery in March or collection at the market in Knutsford in March.

In this picture (above) the grower has used a very nice glazed pot. This is one option. Another interesting idea, would be to use a large 45l root pouch, pictured below.

Excuse my photography, its to show the scale of this size of root-pouch. When I receive the nectarine trees I will plant one up in the pouch and take a better photograph.


Early fruiting blueberry are cheap and easy to care for. Plant 2 or 3 near each other, in pots or root pouches for best results. You can order for delivery or collection in March here

Advantages of root pouches

Its all about root health. Roots don't like to be sat in wet soil, generally speaking. They need air and moisture in balance. Root pouches, made from recycled plastic bottles into a geo-textile are porous to allow excess water to drain out.

Keep in contact

Growing works best when we encourage each other to grow, share tips and show our family and friends the health benefits of growing plants of all types. Please join me in growing Nectarines in a small patio area, or at the front of your house, or on a balcony. Anywhere you get a good amount of sunlight. Please order here for delivery within 28 days> here <

Coming soon I will offer herb garden kits, new vegetable varieties, seed potatoes and other fruit types Plus a selection of root pouches of different sizes will be available to buy from the deliveroot website

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