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What is this plant called ?

Although I don't have a great memory, i'm lucky that most names for plants stick. Its useful, not because of the names themselves, but because it unlocks a deeper set of information, out there on the world wide web. With the name of a plant you can search with the words 'natural habitat' as I do, and find for example that Peperomia Pepperspot, pictured below, is native to the Amazon, where it is warm and shady. The understory of a rainforest tends to get low light.

The list below is all of the plants that I think were included in this week's events. I may have missed one or two however, so if you have something you don't recognise, please send me a picture. Also, I love to get photo's of updates, terrarium settling in pictures, new leaf pictures. Please send any comments or questions to

Remember, I am available for private bookings, planting terrariums in groups, work events or one to one. Let me know.

Pepperomia Pepperspot

peperomia hope (acorn peperomia)

Alocasia Bambino Arrow

Asplenium fern

Plebodium blue fern

Begonia Listada

Calathea Lancifolia

Macodes Petola (jewel orchid)

Tradescantia Nanouk

Ficus Ginseng bonsai

Pilea Involucrata (moon valley)

Pilea glaucophylla Greyzy

Epipremnum aureum NJoy

Begonia Rex Chayo

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