Jungle Feed - your chance to win a pack

By signing up to receive my blog, you will be entered into a prize draw to win one of 5 packs of revolutionary plant food jungle feed.

( available from my website here )

The packs last 3 medium-large plants 3 months. I will make the draw for 5 packs on Sunday 30th January so please share the link to my blog with your friends. Good luck and read on to find out more about this surprising plant food;

There is a plastic waste problem in the horticultural world. Fertilisers and plant foods traditionally come in plastic bottles. Single use plastics that may or may not end up being recycled. Thankfully I've found a plastic free, sustainable plant food called 'Jungle Feed'

Jungle Feed is made entirely from insect frass (insect poo) Yes, you read that correctly. Its odorless, in pellet form and releases the nutrients slowly into the plant soil. You simply scratch it in at the start of spring and then you don't need to reapply for the next 3 months. So insects, living off plant materials, turn some of that plant material into perfect super charged fertiliser, It is captured and made into dry pellets. The feed dissolves over time as you water your plant, lasting around 3 months. No mess, no chemicals, no waste. The cardboard sleeve it comes in (reminds me of a toblerone) simply goes into your paper recycling. I love this product so much I bought a big supply for my store. Now you can add it to your shopping cart when you buy plants, candles or growing kits from deliveroot.

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