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Chester, Alderley Edge, Knutsford, Hartford

This week I am on holiday, but not gloating about it because it is pouring rain here and the beach is deserted. Your replies, your messages, your bookings would be very welcome indeed.

There is also an event in Didsbury which is all but sold out. Only 2 places remain so instead I will tell you about some of the other locations

Bring a friend, family or a date. Whoever you treat to this event will love you for it;

Please do forward this message to friends.

Terrarium planting at

  • The Botanist, Chester, Tuesday 15th November (6pm) evening book here with a deposit of £20 with the rest to pay on the day;

  • The Botanist, Alderley Edge, Wednesday 16 November (6pm) evening book here with a deposit of £20 with the rest to pay on the day;

  • Hartford Hall, Hartford, Friday October 28th (10am) with breakfast - book here with a deposit of £20 with the rest to pay on the day;

  • The Lost and Found, Knutsford.

At the heart of these events is great hospitality. I deliver the events personally so I have a relationship with each venue.

This is the list of plants that we will be working with. You can choose from

Ficus ginseng bonsai trees,

Alocasia curly bambino,

asplenium fern,

begonia amphioxus,

begonia escargot,

calathea lancifolia,

Epipremnum aureum n’joy

Iresine herbstii

Macodes petola jewel orchid

Peperomia prostata

Phlebodium blue fern

Pilea glaucophylla greyzy

Pilea moon valley

Tradescsntia nanouk

  • Create your own tropical garden terrarium, with help, encouragement, advice from Graham.

  • A vast selection of carefully chosen plants, and all of the materials, jars, cork stoppers are included in the price.

  • Most importantly knowledge and a relaxed welcoming atmosphere will greet you.

  •  Don't worry if you are unfamiliar with, or lacking confidence with, tropical plants. You will  create the perfect environment for your treasure to thrive.

  • You can choose to add a rare jewel orchid at checkout for an additional cost.

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