A great day in the market hall

How has January been so far ?

We began with more uncertainty, but I've had a sense, as the month has gone on, that people are gaining confidence to use their local shops, their High Streets, and their Market Halls. Saturday was very enjoyable, with many customers coming back to shop, to eat out and enjoy the town with friends. I will always prefer meeting customers at the market, to figuring out how to market my plant related shop online. That said, i'm determined to keep refining my website as its the way I can eventually make a living while doing all this.

So, I love a meeting at the market hall seeing their faces light up at the sight of an unexpected tropical greenhouse. People say things like 'your plants are beautiful' or 'the plant I got from you in August is doing really well' or 'Are these real!?'

Its good fun.

Sometimes we swap tips on growing, we talk about gardening, we talk about all kinds of things truth be told. I can be quite forward with my conversation and I won't apologise for that. I like people and I like to chat with them.

You don't get that with Amazon, with Ebay, with corporations, you don't really get it with supermarkets and high street chains if the truth be told. The local independent sellers are worth your time, and they will always strive to make you feel welcome.

So what's new ?

I have put some time into a small gardening collection.

There are 3 different fruit plants in stock now. These have been very popular and I've started delivering these to a few homes in Cheshire. Order yours now to plant in early February;

  • dwarf nectarine trees

  • blueberry plants

  • cranberry plants

There are 3 sizes of root pouch. I will add more soon. The large sizes are ideal for creating an instant raised bed area, with perfect drainage for fruit and vegetable growing, or flowering plants.

Combine fruit trees with flowering summer bulbs;

  • Peony 'bowl of beauty

  • Ranunculus Picotee Cafe

  • Allium Red Mohican

Later in Spring there will be herb garden kits and more vegetable growing kits so please stay in touch. Help to support what I do by treating yourself or someone you know to a gift from my website. our orders give me such a boost, and keep me inspired to keep going.

There is a collection, ever changing, of some of my favorite houseplants, and the houseplant potting soil mix that I make, which you can order for delivery I make candles with soy & coconut wax and fine fragrances. The label is A&A and Cole in tribute to my 3 children (Alice, Adelaide and Cole) You can order your candles for delivery here;

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